Publié le 21 sept. 2016

Victoire FFPS Challenge Zone Nord, compétition sur la Seine par

FFPS Challenger Zone Nord, Seine river competition. I was able to fishing in 1st place with Big fish Prize. I am very happy with this result. The condition of weather was not so good. big shoot of Air temperature from 30c to 20c. water temperature of 21c. and worst thing was it was Full moon day. I do not like fishing in Full noon….. I really think that fish is inactive during the day time…. Any way, This competition. I was looking for only Pike. It was my strategy. and Since most of People were fishing with Soft shad lure. I wanted to approach deferent way, So, I was casting only Spinnerbait and Crankbait. I was using Daiwa Steez XT 701MRB-AF, This rod is only one model, which is Fast moving special regular action rod. As you see fish bite mark of my Crankbait photo. Pike was attacking from behind of lure. So, only one hook is hooking the mouth of Pike. In that case. This regular action rod will helping me for fighting, Specially for hook does not come off from mouth of fish. It was perfect rod for Spinnerbait, Crankbait, ripless lure. With this rod, I was using 2017 new model Steez SV TW reel. This new Steez is equipped with TWS system. So, I could make a super long cast ! SV system helps easy cast. I was able to use this super reel before arrival of French market. But, I have to say that combine of Steez XT rod and Steez SV TW is excellent ! Thank you so much people who is supporting my fishing activity, including Facebook and instagram. If you have not see my Instagram. Please have a look at ryusuke.hayashi